Ryan wakes up the Gulf Coast on 95.3 Gorilla weekdays starting at 6am! Don’t miss a beat of the weirdest news you didn’t know you needed, trending updates from around the Coast, the biggest contests and prizes, and Ryan’s occasional geek-outs about Star Wars. When he’s not on the radio, you can find Ryan watching a great movie, kayaking with a Go-Pro, or failing hard at the New York Times crossword on his iPad. (seriously, he never finishes it!) Originally from New England, Ryan and his girlfriend love to travel, and they have a giant Maine coon cat named Louie. He’s a wicked big Red Sox fan, and probably the only person around here who doesn’t hate Tom Brady with a passion. If you ever need to bribe him, send a large pepperoni pizza to the studio and he’ll love you forever!

Email Ryan @ ryan.gavin@bryanr104.sg-host.com